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mufasa 28-04-08 06:10 AM

Perth Regiment
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I tried a badge of Perth Regiment? I put him among the copies?

DavidS 28-04-08 08:10 AM

That is the 1948 pattern Perth Reg. badge, with a Sculley Ltd. Montreal mark. It is not a copy.

mufasa 28-04-08 09:26 AM

.... thanks DavidS..... I tried the IIWW........ J try again .........

Dwayne H 21-05-08 02:59 PM

Perth regiment badges 1920-1948 now on the regimental website.

Click on the picture of the original regiment and follow the links.

GregN 26-05-08 02:54 AM

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Here's the officers version of mufasa's badge. All three badges are marked Scully, Montreal



mufasa 26-05-08 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by Dwayne H (Post 12703) now on the regimental website.

Click on the picture of the original regiment and follow the links.

.... J do not know! a wonderful gift! grazie!!!

Sapper00 28-02-21 10:09 PM

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Realizing this is an old thread but it will save posting more pictures.

The 1948 cap badge variants (of which there were only 2 as far as I can find) were both made by and stamped Scully. And as far as I can see, there is no indication that the UK badge mills didn't pump out any fakes (as there was really no demand to copy this badge)

But I have a cap badge that is not Scully marked and seems to be "tri-metal" where the center is a bronze/copper coloring, as opposed to the shiny maple leaf. And it may be my bad eyes but the beaver and center shield look to be a finer definition than the Scully ones I have seen. It looks line the edge of the shield is more straight stamped than the beveled edge on others.

Could this be a prototype? Or just a production flaw?

Bill A 01-03-21 04:16 PM

The voided pattern Perth Scottish is attributed to either officers' wear or pipers'. With officers' badges being frosted silver / gilt, and usually screw post, this example is more likely the pipers' type.

Sapper00 01-03-21 05:13 PM

Bill, Thanks again, I never even considered Pipers and that would make sense as a private purchase / no maker mark.

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