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magpie 15-05-19 04:04 PM

Looks like it may have had a slider originally.

Mhayesrivet 17-07-19 01:03 PM

Great observation!
Quite possible a slider removed variant badge.
I have not seen any more such examples with a double table so it is hard to tell.

Mhayesrivet 17-07-19 01:04 PM

Any photos of similar would be welcome!

cbuehler 17-07-19 03:59 PM

Relative to this thread, as many are aware, Gaunt made insignia for the US military as well, particularly at the end of ww1 and through the interwar years. They were of course all imported and sold by military suppliers here. I have seen many buttons marked Gaunt New York.
Many were made during ww2 by other firms as well (Firmin) for sale to US service men stationed in the UK.


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