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inkmonkey 27-05-20 08:29 PM

Help identify cap badge
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My late father was an inveterate collector of medals and badges. The bulk of his collection has gone off to DNW for auction later in the year but I keep finding badges in the bottom of boxes and the backs of drawers.
This one has me stumped. Can anybody help me identify it? I'm guessing an army corps, but which one?

Bill A 27-05-20 08:50 PM

Hi inkmonkey, welcome to the Forum. Your account is active and open for posts.

irishhorse 27-05-20 09:03 PM

I think it's Indian police.

inkmonkey 28-05-20 06:22 AM

Thanks IrishHorse, that gives me a good place to start.

Paul Banyard 28-05-20 11:00 AM

Hi Is this Palestine Police?

Alan O 28-05-20 11:03 AM

Not Palestine Police but it is similar.

Khyber 28-05-20 08:12 PM

This is a pre-1947cap badge of the Indian (Imperial) Police (IP), the forerunner of the present Indian Police Service (IPS).

I collect Indian/Burma Police stuff? Any more badges lying around??? 😊

tarabelle 29-05-20 05:35 PM

Hi Kyhber

I have seen a button it has AP in a wreath with a crown above and its white Metal or steel. Is this an indian police button ?



Khyber 30-05-20 01:53 PM

Quite possible...I have an AP police badge posted om forum.. might be Andaman police or Assam Police.

tarabelle 31-05-20 09:30 AM

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Hey :)

Thanks for replying
This is the Button


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