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MarkMcM 10-11-21 01:40 AM

Lagos Town Council?
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Hello all,

Anyone have anything on this weirdo badge?

Khyber 10-11-21 03:35 AM

I would buy it if you want to sell :)

It's one of the many Native Administration badges from The African continent..

MarkMcM 10-11-21 02:21 PM

Thanks Khyber...

A badge suggests a uniform (at least to some degree). Were native admin (essentially bureaucratic positions, I assume) uniformed?

Khyber 10-11-21 05:28 PM

Hi Mark,
Am not really sure but there are many such badges and I would guess all the various provinces, states etc had their own a society which was essentially tribal distinctive uniforms and associated paraphernalia I suppose served as markers of identity and authority.

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