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Tankdriver 06-04-21 09:09 PM

RCAC Buttons

Any idea what buttons are in presently in use for the royal canadian armoured corps currently? I don't think it is the RCAC with the QC above the letters. I have the KC set, and the QC set, but not sure what goes with the Canada set..

Walt P 07-04-21 04:57 AM

The buttons for the dress uniform are no longer generic to the Armoured Corps. There are specific buttons to either of the 3 Canadian regular force armoured regiments, those being, in no specific order:

- The Royal Canadian Dragoons,
- Lord Strathcona's Horse
- 12E Regiment du Blinde du Canada

Likewise, there are unique buttons to each of the 18 Canadian armoured reserve units.

For more info, check out Wikipedia, search criteria on google: ROYAL CANADIAN ARMOURED CORPS


Phillip Herring 07-04-21 06:00 PM

The RCAC kit shop is on line through Facebook. They sell RCAC buttons.


Walt P 08-04-21 01:33 AM

I stand corrected. Thanks for the clarification Phil.


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