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Tanker Mike 30-03-21 09:20 PM

Canadian combat infantry badge
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Here is a very unusual badge that was on ebay, is it a fantasy made up badge, or did the CF actually consider this at one time. The seller stated that it was a proposed Canadian combat infantry badge, based on the American CIB.


Picture credit Command Post, Victoria

121155 31-03-21 03:59 PM

Enfield badge
Interesting it has a #4 enfield on it but I would expect to see maple leafs? Does not look military to me, I call BS.... but would love to be wrong. I would guess it originated from a shooting organization.

Tanker Mike 31-03-21 04:23 PM

I agree, where are the maple leaves, or even a beaver, lol.


jranrose 11-04-21 05:14 PM

Looks similar to the Cadet LGen C.H. Belzile Trophy Rifle Pin.

bobanodised 11-04-21 05:32 PM

Lee enfield
Not my area off collecting. Is it usual to have “made in Canada” continuously stamped on the rear of military badge or is this a commercial stamp?

Tanker Mike 13-04-21 06:51 PM

I have never seen that type of stamping before on a military badge, sometimes its the maker and a single "Canada" on more modern badges, most modern badges don't have any maker marks.

edstorey 14-04-21 12:44 AM

Makers Marks - Insigna
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Actually much of the CF era metal insignia does contain both a makers mark and year of manufacture. Here are a few examples.

Attachment 248480

Attachment 248481

Attachment 248482

Attachment 248483

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