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Destro1918 01-03-21 02:17 PM

Tailors badge ?
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I have had this badge for a number of years but I have never been able to positively ID it, can any one help please?

I was told it was a Guards Division 'Tailors Trade badge'

over to you....

leigh kitchen 01-03-21 02:57 PM

A representation of the drummer's badge by the look of it (although yes, it does look rather like a cotton reel)..

cbuehler 01-03-21 04:11 PM

It is supposed to be a drummer's arm badge as mentioned, but it looks as if it is unfinished with missing details.


mike_vee 01-03-21 05:45 PM

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Similar shaped drum badge.


54Bty 01-03-21 05:57 PM

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I have one the same design but with a shaped backing.
Also one of a similar basic design.


Destro1918 01-03-21 08:10 PM

Thankyou for all the above comments, I am not convinced that it is an unfinished 'Drummers' badge due to its size although I can see the similarities. For me the jury is still out on this one.

Thanks for looking.

manchesters 01-03-21 10:31 PM

100% Drummers badge.

No such thing as a Tailors badge.


Destro1918 02-03-21 10:18 AM


Originally Posted by manchesters (Post 540737)
100% Drummers badge.

No such thing as a Tailors badge.


Thanks for your comment Simon, do you have an image of this variation been worn or have you seen it worn yourself? if so by who and what time period?

Thanks again

manchesters 02-03-21 11:05 AM

Surprisingly I do not have a picture of every variation of every trade badge ever worn.

However what I do have is 50 years of knowledge gained by collecting such badges and more importantly by researching such badges, having amassed a library as big as my collection.

So when I say what I say I do not do so glibbly but with a firm knowledge of such matters.

You must believe what you think even if it flies in the face of the advice that several knowledgable people on here have told you.


grey_green_acorn 02-03-21 04:39 PM

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Here are some examples of drummers badges, there are many more variations.


cbuehler 02-03-21 05:31 PM

It is unfinished with those missing details. It has also never had the backing material cut to shape.


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