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Middlesex1957 29-10-20 03:55 PM

Duke of Albany
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Good Morning . We found this , what I would determine to be , crossbelt
plate in an antique shop .
We were trying to locate a good photo of this regiment ,
not much luck on-line . Also, as to how this fastened
onto the belts with the 4 lugs .
Thank You .

cbuehler 29-10-20 04:14 PM

As to whether it is original or not, I can't say; however it certainly looks good.
The lugs were attached to the belt through slots, just like button holes.


manchesters 29-10-20 04:24 PM

Its a common ebay fake.


cbuehler 29-10-20 04:32 PM

Well, there you have it. Badges and plates from this period are almost invariably fake, which is why I have never have never felt comfortable to make a purchase.


grenadierguardsman 29-10-20 05:36 PM

I don't believe its original either.

Middlesex1957 29-10-20 06:44 PM

Considering we only paid 15$ CDN for it , it's no great loss .
I'm not going to shed any tears over it .
Forget it , move on .

Neibelungen 30-10-20 07:00 PM

There are 4 common plates of this type which were originally produced for the 1968 Charge of the Light Brigade film.

Hugely copied since and 99.5% of therm are copies of copies.
Should be able to pick them up for about $6 each direct from India.

Phillip Herring 30-10-20 09:53 PM

These have been appearing since at least the 1970s.

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