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vmax1200 19-11-20 11:32 PM

hello and some help please
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Hi my name trevor,
am try to identify the cap badge of my grandads brother from the first world war. Its for my grandsons school project but also for my own interest. have attached a picture hope its come out all right!. He was in the 3rd 10th london regiment. date on the paperwork is 14th may 1915 for his medical ? but other paperwork shows 1st Northampton Regt 24-4-1919 on his discharge documents. some other documents show he was in Egypt and Solonica and back to Egypt.
any help would be great

Sonofacqms 20-11-20 02:19 PM

10th London
Looks like 10th London Regt to me.


wardog 20-11-20 02:33 PM

See your other thread. Not unusual for a man to serve in more than one regiment- for example if wounded- after recovery he might be returned to any unit short of men. If commissioned he also would go to a different unit. Regards, Paul.

Alan O 20-11-20 03:33 PM

10TH London Regt for sure dating from 1910-14. the Imperial service badge dates before the 3rd/10th London battalion was raised so he appears to have been a pre-war territorial when the 10th had only one battalion.

vmax1200 22-11-20 01:47 PM

many thanks
many thanks to you and the other posters,
I am helping my grandson piece together a small folder for his presentation for school, he is so made up that he has a relative who served during the First world war and we have some history.
I can reuse the material for my other grandchildren when they cover the first world war at school also.
I am also so proud he served and came home.
many thanks to you all
regards trevor

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