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mojob123 16-02-19 11:06 PM

Deliberate adulteration of collar badge?
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Hi Rising Sun collectors! Picked up this collar badge with the lower scroll missing. Anyone know if this was ever a deliberate adulteration for political/personal/organisational reasons? Looks to have been done a long time ago and nicely finished off. I have a small collection of assumed deliberately adulterated badges and wondered if I should add it in. Or is just broken? All the best, Mike

Lancer 17 17-02-19 12:41 AM

G'day Mike

Ive never seen anything like it, maybe it got the bottom scroll damaged and someone removed the rest of the scroll to tidy it up ? But I think that it looks good, Id be happy to add it to my collection.



Rob Miller 17-02-19 06:35 AM

Sometimes badges were altered in size and shape to fit on trophy belts, it was probably more comfortable without sharp bits of metal overhanging the edges, so maybe this badge was once on the lower edge of one of these?


mojob123 19-02-19 09:09 PM

Thanks for the replies. I will certainly keep it and put it in the box with the other altered badges. Hopefully a story will turn up one day. Best regards, Mike

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