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boots and saddles 26-02-08 10:05 PM

Good looks 19th Dragoons
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Let us see what impresses you people about a badge. I am just as enthused about my poorest looking badge (perhaps the PWOR) as the one shown here but for looks ,elegance or just being impressive this one & the 14th Canadian Light Horse (Cdn Hussars) stands away out,better than the 19th Dragoons which is a standing horse whose tail is sticking strait out,something you don't see on a standing horse unless the poor fellow is short taken and then there should be some other evidence of the problem, This badge the 19th Edmonton Fusiliers is an insignifiant unit, short lived, a product of amalgamation. It is silver,flatback with scully stamped perhaps a Officers badge (Bill A will know), and while not a part of my collection I treasure it. Maybe this is a silly idea but interesting to me. Not a good picture, too many highlights. Ray

bgpipes 26-02-08 10:44 PM

I agree, something about a bucking bronc that just gets your attention, what a great choice for the 14 CH.

Bill A 26-02-08 10:46 PM

Type of fastener?
What kind of fastener is on the badge Ray?
Some of these 19th badges were pouch badges.

boots and saddles 27-02-08 02:56 AM

Edmonton Fusiliers
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The Fasteners are threaded bolts with round threaded discs. Could be as you said. I also have the brass cap badge.Here are all four. You can see the thumb nuts on the Fusiliers badge. Ray

Bill A 27-02-08 11:16 PM

Pouch or Blues
The badge with the nuts is usually found on items like the pouch or cross belt. It could be for the dress belt buckle 1940's - 1960's period, if the the screw posts are relatively short. Another possibility is the dress blues uniform. Badges that were plated were often intended for wear on this order of dress.

boots and saddles 28-02-08 12:27 AM

ED fusiliers
Thanks Bill the posts on this one are 8mm long. I think this unit was formed in 1946 with the amalgamation of the 19th Alberta Dragoons & the parent Edmonton Fusiliers & of course disbanded in 1965. Ray

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