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badgecollector 02-08-17 07:53 AM

Captain of Aircraft armband/brassard
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hi all
has anyone any information on this brassard known as Captain of Aircraft armband?
i didn't know what it was so asked in the RAF section,
however doing further research it has revealed that australian pilots may have worn it.
any information and a pic of it being worn would be greatly appreciated.

milhistry 05-08-17 10:28 AM

If you are after a quick answer , scroll down to the last paragraph.

badgecollector 05-08-17 11:21 AM

thanks milhistry
its an interesting read.
what amasses me is that there are still so many things out there, such as this item that I and many other people had no idea they ever existed.
if you read accounts from actually aircrew of the time who swear there were no such things as these armbands
very interesting

Eddie Parks 05-08-17 11:32 AM

Interesting thread - I am just casually wondering if the a/c commander was always the pilot? I know of at least one civilian organisation in which this is not inevitably the case.


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