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Drummajor 18-11-16 05:35 AM

Rising Sun Cadet Unit
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This Cadet Unit Rising Sun has just come in to my possession. It has been rescued.
The school concerned here, some years ago changed their name. Just this week they are having a clean out and quite a few of these pristine unissued badges were to be thrown on the local tip. Most of them have been saved and I hope to get some more tomorrow. Other Medallions and objects were not so lucky and unfortunately are gone forever.


badgecollector 18-11-16 06:25 AM

hi phil
would be interested in one if you get a few

Drummajor 18-11-16 09:44 AM

G'day BC, I don't normally go out Friday nights, but went out tonight because the chap that gave me this badge said he would have more for me. Not to be I am afraid. Not tonight that is. I know that his wife has a lot more of these because she was the person who rescued them. I will be working on him.
Suffice to say I have had enough to drink, off to bed now. Don't worry they will turn up.

badjez 18-11-16 06:06 PM

Rising Sun badge
Ditto, if there were any on offer I would appreciate the opportunity to add one to my small cadet collection.

Thanks, Stephen.

Drummajor 19-11-16 07:54 AM

No worries Stephen, will keep you posted.

kingsley 20-11-16 05:39 AM

Also interested if any available.

militiaman 21-11-16 11:11 AM


I also would be interested in one if they become available.


Drummajor 08-04-17 11:27 PM

My Apologies
To, badgecollector, badjez, kingsley and militiaman, Re: Murray High School Cadet Badge. I am afraid that the chap that has these badges has gone quiet on me. He did promise me that he would give me some more of them. So far this has not occurred, however the badges are now his to do with as he wishes. We can but live in hope, I will try to bring up the subject with him at a latter date. I may offer to buy some from him.
So my apologies to you all, it was not my intention to mislead you.


badgecollector 09-04-17 01:18 AM

thanks phil

badjez 09-04-17 09:26 AM

Rising sun
Thanks. I live in hope (but will probably die of despair)


mikeep 12-05-19 04:34 PM

Cadet Badge
Hi mate,

I'd be very interested in one of these and happy to pay. I have over 500 cadet hat badges but not one of these.

Best regards,


Drummajor 12-05-19 09:56 PM

Hello Mike,
I first came across these badges back in 2016, the chap concerned mentioned them to me and gave me one the next day. Unfortunately he did not talk about them again, I know that he gave another to a bloke that served in that school cadet unit back in the day.

Some years ago, I sold one of these to Les Stillman Militaria. Les might still have it, but its a long shot.


mikeep 13-05-19 08:35 AM

Cadet badge
Thanks Phil,

Iím pretty certain he doesnít have that these days. Guessing thatís why Iíve never found one of these if they threw them all out. Any chance you could send the guy my details as Iím trying to write a book on the subject! Basically my friend and I are covering EVERYTHING we can find cadet related from badges, patches, puggarees, lanyards, buttons, etc etc. A massive project from Pre-Fed times to now but we figured that we may as well put whatever info we can out there then see what comes back afterwards. At least some of the history then wonít be lost!

Cheers, Mike

Drummajor 13-05-19 10:38 PM

Mike, leave it with me for a while. I went to this actual school but I wasn't in the Army Cadets, I was in the Air Cadets. The local museum here may have some information about this school cadet unit, I will have a look today, if I find anything I will let you know. The bloke with the badges is a very private person, I know him well, so will work on him again. Failing that I'm sure I have one of the badges here somewhere.


mikeep 16-05-19 04:19 AM

Thanks Phil, thatís be much appreciated! And I have spares of all sorts so Iím more than happy to trade you for it too!

Thanks again,


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