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Alex Rice 18-12-14 06:01 AM

RAAF eagle?
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Hi All
I posted this in the RAF section recently and was told that the maker WALLACE BISHOP was an Australian jeweller. Can anybody give me any info about this badge please? Use, dates, value etc?
Thanks in advance. Cheers,

Donny B. 18-12-14 11:00 AM

I am not an RAAF collector and know little about these badges, but I can tell you that Wallace Bishop is indeed and Australian jeweler. I believe they began business in Queensland in about 1917 and perhaps are still in business.

I don't think badges by them are all that uncommon. Here is a link to a similar badge by Wallace Bishop that may possibly explain the screws on the back.

Scroll down to the tenth (second last) Australian item

They certainly made other "sweetheart" and military oriented jewelery as shown by this 1944 advertisement for wedding rings with an RAAF design.......the rest of the page makes pretty interesting reading, too, especially the article about the bloke in the mosquito.

As for price....I suppose its value to you is whatever you paid for it

I Man

Nichollg 19-12-14 07:51 AM

I believe this is the eagle worn above officers rank lace on the cuff of WW2 service dress jacket. A crown surmounted the eagle

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