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Robbo 23-03-20 10:05 AM

Help identify Gaunt Badge
I wonder if anyone knows what this badge is ? I'm not sure if it's military or not. It was made by Gaunt, London
The S.F is set in black enamel
It measures 25mm in diameter and has two copper fixing loops to the rear
I would be very grateful for any information

norfolk regt man 23-03-20 12:20 PM

Looks good, I think there was a post not to long ago.

peter monahan 23-03-20 01:35 PM

The six pointed start suggests 'Sheriff' but I think that unlikely for an English made badge.

Perhaps the 'S.F.' means 'State Forces' and pertains to an Indian unit/organization but the style makes that unlikely, IMHO.

'S... Force' ???

norfolk regt man 23-03-20 06:28 PM

See NORWICH related badge, for what I was thinking it might be

bess55 23-03-20 07:07 PM

San Francisco?

mike_vee 23-03-20 07:51 PM

Masonic ?

Robbo 24-03-20 01:40 PM

Thanks for the replies, it's appreciated.
At least some food for thought...

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