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malayaone 15-03-20 03:33 PM

Rank slide
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Can anyone help with an ID please?

peter monahan 16-03-20 12:39 PM

Posted in error.

zob 16-03-20 03:19 PM


I think your rank slide is Kenya Police (North Eastern) district.


Postwarden 16-03-20 03:59 PM

The August 2012 edition of The Formation Sign identified this badge as that of an Assistant Commissioner of Police in Kenya’s North East Area. Others noted in the article had Eastern, STU, and GSU below the rank badge.

All the rank badges have the blue pips with one to three indicating Junior Inspector, Inspector and Chief Inspector respectively; Superintendents wear one or two pips surmounted by a lion inside a horseshoe; the Chief Commissioner of Police has the badge shown here surmounted by two pips.


malayaone 16-03-20 06:57 PM

Excellent, thank you

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