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Drummajor 01-02-19 04:16 AM

Unusual Indian Signals Badge
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Hello all,
Here is an unusual looking Indian Signal Corps badge. Has anyone seen one like it? Can anyone tell me anything about it?

Best wishes. Phil.

Piffer 01-02-19 02:38 PM

Ind Signals
Isn't this the current version worn by them?

Chris Walker 01-02-19 03:32 PM

Indian Signals Badge
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Dear Phil.

As we have spoken before and as I have said I do not know what this badge actually is. (The scroll at the bottom really throws me).

I believe from the photos you have shown that this is a cast badge rather than a struck item.

The motto is the 1949 version in Devnagiri script of Teevra Chaukas in English Swift and Sure/Secure and can clearly be seen as being the same as the photo I attach of an early Officer's Brass Cross Belt Badge.

The motto before this was Certa Cito and translates to Tez O Sahih dating from 1934 so I am fairly confident that we are looking at a post 1949 badge.

If I had to make a considered guess I think this could be a locally struck badge made by a local craftsman and hence the oak leaves around the globe at the bottom in slightly the wrong place. Only a guess mind.

Nice little item though Phil.

Kind regards


Drummajor 02-02-19 10:37 PM

Unusual Sig badge
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Thanks very much for your input Chris, always appreciated.
Piffer, you may be right, but I would have thought the "Jimmy" would be white metal.
This badge looks brand new and it came in a completely sealed packet, with this flimsy looking retaining pin. I bought it from Barcelona.
A nice badge regardless.


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