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Phill Lockett 03-09-18 07:51 PM

Canadian Parachute Corps Athletic Patch
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Hi friends

A great surprise, very large 11cm x 11cm early made pocket patch.

It is felt on felt applique with open loose weave backing.

Canadian Parachute Corps is silk embroidered.

I will never acquire a WWII 1st Canadian Parachute Bn($$$) and or an authentic Canadian WWII para wing(too many Post WWII), however this will represent Canadian Airborne of WWII in my Combined Allied Ops display in my collection.

All opinions welcomed.



3battalion 04-09-18 12:45 PM

G'day Phill,

No opinion mate but your large badge looks exactly like the one pictured in Ken Joyce's 'Into the Maelstrom' book described as a 'large sweater badge' in the jewelry, trinkets and souvenirs section. I thnk it's a cracking piece mate and would highlight any WW2 Canadian Airborne collection.

Good collecting


Bill A 04-09-18 02:27 PM

The patch shown by Phill is likely a Crest Craft made item. They were worn on the leather type football jackets or windbreakers. (It is a bit heavy to be a sweater badge.)

RoyA 04-09-18 05:51 PM

A very nice example Phil, well done!

Phill Lockett 04-09-18 06:42 PM

Thanks for the sentiments guys.

Would love to see an image in use, I do like the early era "emblems" so to speak.

Any additional info welcomed.



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