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Walt P 04-08-18 12:00 AM

Royal Canadian Corps of Signals Officers' Embroidered Cap Badges
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Hello All,

Displayed in the attached photos are 2 scarce embroidered officers' cap badges attributed to the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals (Tudor crown). One is affixed to a khaki beret (probably pre 1943), and the other is affixed to the coloured field service cap (date unknown). They are beautifully manufactured private purchase badges, well detailed, with gold and silver bullion embroidery, the Jimmy in silver and the maple leaves in gold. The size of each badge is approximate to the metal RCCS badge. Comments will be welcomed! VVV,


cefguy 04-08-18 01:16 AM

Great looking badges, especially the one on the FS cap. Great additions to any collection.

Bill A 04-08-18 10:53 AM

Bullion badges are scarce or rare. Nice examples. Walt is the beret dated?

Phillip Herring 04-08-18 12:29 PM

The RCCS did wear embroidered beret badges in Korea. They were obtained in Japan and worn by battalion signals officers. I heard accounts of this from two veterans who served as RCCS officers in Korea.

Walt P 04-08-18 12:41 PM

Hello Bill,

Thank you for your interest. The liner has been removed, hence no maker or date information is available. However, an interesting observation is that the banding is made from silk, and not leather, unlike most berets which I have seen. According to info I discovered on Michael Dorosh's web site, this beret is pre 1943. Mid second world war, coloured berets were authorised, and the RCCS would have worn the dark blue. VVV,


Walt P 04-08-18 01:22 PM

Hello Phillip,

Your info is appreciated! VVV,


Bill A 04-08-18 02:07 PM

Hi Walt, I would double check that info re coloured berets. It is my understanding the only coloured berets authorized were khaki, black (armoured corps) and maroon (airborne). The coloured berets for specific corps did not come into wear until after the war.

Drummajor 04-08-18 08:33 PM

Two very nice badges Walt.


Chris Walker 06-08-18 11:43 AM

Royal Canadian Corps of Signals Bullion Badges
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Dear Walt.

Just as an add on to your post of the RCCS Woven/Bullion badges that you posted recently.

I have attached a photo that was sent to me by Phil Herring some time ago of Captain Frank Sorenson that appeared in the Mapel Leaf Magazine on the 25th May 2005.

Phil may be able to get a better photo than the one I show below but it is really only to say that Frank Is wearing the woven beret badge on a khaki beret and is the only coloured photo I have seen with this badge on it.

Best wishes Walt. I also show a copy of the Khaki backed badge on my little web site. This badge is owned by Phil Herring and he allowed me to show it on my site.



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