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RoyA 07-07-12 09:59 PM

Fort Garry Horse Officer's Beret with Bullion Badge
The Fort Garry Horse tank regiment was mobilized in Winnipeg, Manitoba on September 3rd, 1939 after Britain's declaration of war on Germany.
The regiment landed on Juno Beach in Normandy on 6 June 1944, as a part of the 2nd Canadian Armored Brigade, in support of the 8th Infantry Brigade, 3rd Canadian Infantry Division.

The Fort Garry Horse continued to fight in north-west Europe until the end of the war.
In addition to the Normandy landing, Battle Honours include the Battle for Caen, the Falaise Pocket, Fortress Boulogne, the Battle of the Scheldt, The Rhineland and the Battle of Groningen.

Fort Garry Horse Officer’s Beret with Bullion Badge

Private Purchase officer’s beret made by Dunn & Co. in Sheffield, England.
A similar embroidered badge is on display in the Fort Garry Horse museum, while a beret by the same maker resides in the Canadian War Museum’s Airborne Beret Collection.

Dunn & Co., Sheffield

James S 07-07-12 11:39 PM

Another excellent Officer's bullion badge and beret. Well done Roy! Especially interesting with the private makers label. It is also really neat to see the picture of the makers store front.

Michael Reintjes 08-07-12 12:09 AM

2 types of bullion
Interesting that there were two patterns of bullion worn by the FGH. the type shown on your beret was also worn on the CFSC as well as this pattern...

servicepub 08-07-12 12:13 AM

Here are a couple of Captains wearing the embroidered beret badge. Not all officers wore these as I have portraits of other officers wearing the metal version.

RoyA 08-07-12 12:54 AM

Thank you, great photos!

servicepub 08-07-12 01:15 AM


Originally Posted by RoyA (Post 174276)
Thank you, great photos!

Only fair. Great Beret!

RoyA 08-07-12 01:55 AM

Thank you Clive!

Brent Walker 08-07-12 07:32 PM

FGH Beret
Another great beret Roy! Well done. Great pics.


Phillip Herring 10-07-12 12:02 PM


The beret and a badge are scarce as hens' teeth and the it was kind of you to share it with the forum. The additional photos were great shots of members of the regiment showing equipment and insignia.
This thread encouraged others to show other pieces related to thge Fort Garry Horse, thus making the entire thread a great resource on insignia to a particular regiment.
It is a shame that you felt compelled to remove your pictures, but I can see why.


Bill A 10-07-12 01:15 PM

Hello Roy, Your Fort Garry Horse officer's beret is an awesome artifact, and one of the reasons we collect. To find, preserve and interpret the military insignia is also one of the purposes of the Forum. The critique of the images was to clarify the photo descriptions and indicate that there should be corrections made. (The Faces of War images, though a LAC resource, are full of errors.) The Forum strives to achieve historical accuracy, and the responses were intended to correct the captions found on the LAC images for posterity.
Perhaps you will reconsider and repost the images of the beret for the benefit of current and future collectors.

servicepub 10-07-12 02:23 PM

I hope you re-post your beret and photos. They were a great contribution. Here is a beret to the Royal Canadian Hussars. postwar but still... rch.jpg

RoyA 21-07-12 08:35 PM

Thanks fellows,
Photos back up...beret and LAC topics now split.

servicepub 21-07-12 11:38 PM

I see that Victor Taboika is selling two SWW berets with embroidered badges on e-bay.

RoyA 22-07-12 12:09 AM

The GGHG is a killer!

Voltigeur 22-07-12 12:58 AM

..and this RCD one.

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