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Brent Walker 17-03-12 03:43 AM

Prince Edward Island Light Horse Printed Title
I thought for sure this would come up for conversation but nothing yet so I'll start. The vendor feels this may be a copy but it looks period to me. Does anyone have any input?

Old Smelly 17-03-12 01:55 PM

I don't like it, neither the font or the canvas look correct for WW2 type titles

Bill A 17-03-12 02:16 PM

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It is a copy / reproduction. Lettering size and spacing is all wrong. The material is not the correct type for printed titles. Not the front material nor the backing.
Second problem, the titles were not printed until late June 1945, just in time to distribute some to the unit before they went home. Basically, printed titles were not worn until the summer of 1945.

Brent Walker 18-03-12 04:53 AM

Copy Title
I hadn't noticed the lettering but thought the material looked suspect. Thanks guys for your input. Another lesson learned.

rubicon 18-03-12 03:44 PM

PEILH titles
Both titles, embroidered and printed sold by this seller are fakes.
A small batch of this embroidered title was made in the 90's.
I had got one at this time but quickly I sent it back to the seller for a refund.
I would add that in my opinion the squadron wore the Canadian Armoured Corps shoulder titles as defence sqn HQ 2 Can Corps until PEILH printed titles were issued in May 1945.

Bill A 18-03-12 09:34 PM

Hello J-F, LAC documents show that the titles were not printed until June, and they were not available for issue until late June or early July.
Your comments on the CAC titles are bang on. That was the approved shoulder title until the unit received their regimental titles.
To add, there are period correct melton titles, and starch back titles to the PEILH.

Bill A 19-03-12 03:16 PM

Sold for $207 US. Guess repro is the route to go...

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