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Wayne Ihaka 19-03-18 08:55 AM

Australian shoulder titles
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opinions on these please

have not seen these type before

when worn?

by who ?


Ironside410 19-03-18 09:38 AM

Hello Wayne

I picked up a few sets of those about 8-10 years ago. All the inquiries I made at the time indicated they were made as movie props, can't remember which movie. I kept one set and sold the rest off as novelty/movie props.


Wayne Ihaka 19-03-18 10:57 AM

cheers for that

always interesting

vigilans 20-03-18 03:58 AM

I think they are OK, always described as economy issue? I've seen lots of them over the years...never heard of them as a movie prop, considering it would be easier to manufacture traditional "AUSTRALIA" titles for a prop than these things; the solderless lug arrangement is quite intricate.

badjez 20-03-18 07:27 AM

I also like the look of them. The manufacture is way too fancy for a film set. I would suggest made in the Middle East?


Jackhr 21-03-18 12:18 AM

These are late WW2 issue ( but never were) made of brass and some were of zinc then blackened . Around the 1990's boxes of these were found and were sold over the years ISW had loads of them. So yes they are correct for the period .


Lancer 17 21-03-18 02:12 AM

Hello All

I have collected Aussie militaria for over 40 years and have never seen them before, I don't like them and cant suggest where they came from.



Tanker Mike 21-03-18 08:36 PM

First I have seen this type of lug, if you look closely you would notice that a typical split pin would not work due to the angle of the holes. You couldn't slide a split pin straight across. Maybe round split ovals would have been used like a button type.

How do the lugs stay on, do they slide off the back? The void between the I and A looks ugly, cant see the army approving that.

The brass does look old, but maybe it was made for the movie Gallipoli back in the day?

Interesting piece.


woronora 25-03-18 07:10 PM

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I have a set of these titles in copper which I am very comfortable with. A long split pin will easily fit through the two lugs although it does twist. Perhaps they used two smaller pins as show in my image, which fit easily.


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