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fearnaught 12-06-19 02:36 PM

A couple of badges for I.D.
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Hi, the first badge I thought I knew but the script seems different to the one I thought it was. The second badge was an Iraqi war pick up,I would like to know whether the badge has been added to the beret or is original to it, and what is it? thanks in advance Mike

54Bty 12-06-19 04:38 PM

Bahrain Police.


fearnaught 12-06-19 05:37 PM

Hi, thanks Marc, best wishes Mike

fearnaught 26-06-19 05:34 PM

Hi, can anyone translate the Saddam badge even if it can't be identified? thanks in advance Mike

leigh kitchen 26-06-19 05:50 PM

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The upper three words look like those on the Sadaam badge affixed to my Fedayeen "Darth Vader helmet" which I believe says " The Lord, The Homeland, The Leader".

fearnaught 27-06-19 09:26 AM

Hi Leigh, thank you, that pushes it forward a little, best wishes Mike

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