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paulbarlow1983 30-09-21 06:07 AM

Unit/Corp Badge Identification
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I was wondering if anyone could help me identify the Unit/Corp Badge from which my Great Grandfather served in.

Thank you for any help that, that anyone can give.

leigh kitchen 30-09-21 09:50 AM

The Loyal Regiment cap badge, possibly the blue, yellow, blue sign of 66th Division.

gb64 30-09-21 09:57 AM

Cap badge of the Loyal Regiment, nice photo.


cbuehler 30-09-21 03:09 PM

To be pedantic, not the Loyal Regiment at the time of the photo, but the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.


leigh kitchen 30-09-21 03:34 PM

No, I thought that was probably the case but I was being lazy.
And I don't think one of their battalions was in 66 Div, I need to check.

gb64 30-09-21 03:54 PM

Me lazy also :o:o


paulbarlow1983 01-10-21 02:12 AM

Thank you to everyone for your help. Very much appreciated.

leigh kitchen 01-10-21 10:34 AM

I havnt found any indication that a Battalion of the Regiment was in 66 Div, so the formation sign remains an unknown to me.

caladonia 02-10-21 12:37 PM

Hello there
The soldier pictured is probally a member of the 2/5th Batt, Loyal North Lanc Regt, 170th Brigade, part of the 57th Division. They wore a red triangle above a stripe in company colours on the left sleeve, with the div patch on the right, the white stripe of this patch can just be seen, if you look really closely.The div patch was added in 1918, so this dates the photo to that time.

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