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Postwarden 09-02-21 04:19 PM

Naval Canteen Service - A Longshot
I am compiling a special edition of The Formation Sign to mark 100 years of NAAFI.

According to one published history an Admiralty Fleet Order of 1st August 1942 authorised NAAFI personnel to be taken into the Royal Navy as an integral part of the Service.

Does anyone have a copy of this or suggest where I might find one?

Thanks in advance for any help.


nbroadarrowz 09-02-21 09:14 PM

Hi Jon,
This is a link to the AFOs of 1942
I had a look and there is no AFO for the date you require, the first being 6th August.

nbroadarrowz 10-02-21 12:44 AM

Hopefully this is the AFO you want.
AFO 2238/42. If you search the above link for this block of AFOs it states that this is to come into effect on 1st August 942. The actual AFO is dated 14/5/1942 and is titled Naval Canteen Service - Entry of Male Staff in the Royal Navy.
If you have trouble let me know.

Postwarden 10-02-21 11:47 AM


Brilliant. If I have any problems I'll take up your kind offer.


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