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mooke07 05-10-14 07:53 AM

5th VB (Irish) King's Liverpool QVC badge photograph
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Another old collection photograph.

5th VB (Irish) King's Liverpool QVC badge photograph. Says WM on rear of photograph.

The detail is not pin sharp in the original.

Cheers Dean

Peter Brydon 05-10-14 01:40 PM

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Just got these pictures back from the framers on Friday, they are pictures of Col. Frank Walker C.O. of the 5th ( Irish ) V.B. Kings Liverpool Regiment and Lt.Col. John Cooney C.O. of the 8th (Irish )Battalion, Kings Liverpool Regiment. ( Sorry about the reflection on the photograph )

Colonel Walkers F.S. cap is on the table at his side but frustratingly the badge in it is not visible.

I wonder if the badge might be the same design as the one shown by Dean.


KLR 09-10-14 08:49 AM

Thanks Dean, this is the more common 5VB QVC badge but there is an earlier version with the title 5th IRISH VB.
Yes, we have ben searching for evidence of the officer's cap badges for quite a while !

mooke07 09-10-14 10:42 AM

Eyes peeled but no such badge photo amongst them sorry, cheers Dean.

Roy 19-11-14 02:31 AM

Hi Gents,

Some great images. The badge looks like a real cracker, does anyone have an example to share? I have a circa 1860 Liverpool Irish badge due in any day now. Pouch belt plate but not a headdress badge, still very much looking forward to it.

All the best, Roy.

KLR 19-11-14 07:32 AM

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Roy, Other Ranks 5th VB KLR cap badges, worn between c1896 and 1908.

Roy 19-11-14 02:53 PM

Hi Julian,

Many thanks for that, lovely looking badges. Can I assume that from the comments that no QVC officers badge has been identified yet?

Cheers, Roy.

KLR 19-11-14 08:44 PM

Yup, one of the great mysteries of life !

Clarification; 5th VB KLR officer's cap badge !

If not actually obtaining one, I'd certainly like to illustrate one for a book on KLR insignia.

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