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engr9266 15-01-22 10:30 AM

Port Commando Royal Engineers
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I have a circular black patch with the letter P in yellow (it is a repro) which I was told was worn by Port Commando Royal Engineers.
I cannot find any reference to this unit so my question is Did they exist or is it fictional ??

engr9266 16-01-22 07:53 AM

As there are no replies, the repro P is heading to the ? box.

leigh kitchen 16-01-22 09:08 AM

"Uniformstores" site offers the badge but in gold bullion - but doesn't say what it is.

Postwarden 18-01-22 10:53 AM

The only reference to this badge as being that of the RE Port Commandos is in Major John Waring's Identification Pamphlet No 1 published in the 1970s by the Military Heraldry Society and still available to Society members.

I could find no reference to any such unit in the RE's official history or anywhere else.

Still a mystery after some 80 odd years.


sailorbear 27-01-22 04:32 PM

Port Commando Royal Engineers
Hi Jerry, I posted exactly the same question when I first joined the forum over a decade ago, and still don't know the answer? I forget the name of the manufacturer, who produces a lot for reenactors, but he mis identifies some of the insignia he sells! My first ever post was a question about a badge he describes as "Commando Training Loch Eye" in fact it was the insignia for the Special Training Centre Lochaliort, which is a smaller black, white and yellow version of what is now worn by 16 air assault brigade, though it caused some pretty vicious nastiness on the forum at the time I posted it!


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