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natal01 04-12-19 02:17 PM

Glendore 1941-45
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This badge has been lying around in my unidentified box for years. A cursory google search tells me nothing about "glendore". As you can see , it is die struck and someone has blobbed some lugs onto the badge. Examples of the badge surface from time to time but then return to the lost city of Glendore.
Can anyone identify ?

Milmed 04-12-19 03:38 PM

Hi Mike,
I too have one of these but in silver with a brooch pin. I did some research a while back and cannot remember if I posted it on this site or not.

GLENDORE was the name of a Soldiers and Sailors home away from home. It was situated in a Victorian double story home in Kenilworth, Cape Town and catered to passing soldiers, sailors and airmen during WWII who needed a place to stay, get a meal or simple relax and read a book.

The house still exists in Kenilworth and is currently used as a B&B.

I believe the badges were manufactured as souvenirs to be bought as part of the funding in the running/upkeep of GLENDORE. It was run as a private venture by a family who's name eludes me currently.


natal01 05-12-19 07:32 AM

Hi Steven
Thanks for that . Is suspect that it never had lugs at any stage in its life and was fitted with lugs to make it look more like a conventional badge. The one I have doesnt test as silver, so possibly they were made in white metal to be sold more cheaply .

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