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Pembird 15-05-21 03:48 PM

Various question on badges
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Could members please inform me whether the silver badge with three lions is a collar badge or hatbadge please , the Queens next to it is for size comparison.Also is the jersey badge with loops a collar? Thank you

manchesters 15-05-21 03:54 PM

Leicestershire VB collar badge.

Early pre slider Jersey cap badge.


Pembird 15-05-21 04:09 PM

Badge queries
Thanks once again Simon for prompt reply and bonus for telling me what it was, l was to embarrassed to ask!

Luke H 15-05-21 04:12 PM

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Jersey could also be a collar. Pattern No. 1724b. See Churchill Fig. 1016.

The vertical shank was only supposed to be added to the left facing collar, however, in WW2 some right facings (i.e. retreating lions) were erroneously fitted with sliders.

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