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Stafford Knot 09-05-21 12:02 PM

Possible RRF Officers Badge
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I have come across an example of a Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (RRF) metal beret badge in dead gilt and frosted silver plate. It suggest it is an officer's version.

My understanding was that RRF do not have an 'issue' officer's beret badge. The same badge is worn by all ranks. Officers have for decades purchased and worn the same bright gilt and silver badge with the hackle and beret that ORs are encouraged to buy instead of the staybrite issue version. This is supplied through the PRI and more recently FusiliersDirect.

Can anyone shed any light on this more ornate gilt/silver version? Someone suggested that it might be pre-1969 and a Fusiliers Brigade officers badge. Do RRF experts know more about this badge? Is it was worn by current RRF officers, and if not when was it retired?

Alex Rice 09-05-21 03:30 PM

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Could be an officer's badge. Here is mine, which I believe is an officer badge. The detail on mine is a lot better than your example, and the St George should be pinned on.

Stafford Knot 12-05-21 09:55 AM

Thanks Alex. Thatís really helpful. Peter

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