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Alex Rice 04-05-21 09:01 AM

Formation Signs and Patches for ID
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Hi All
Can anyone ID all of these for me please? The only reference book I have doesn't show very many formation signs.
Thanks, cheers,

gary1666 04-05-21 09:54 AM

The anchor is WW2 Beach Groups formation sign I believe, blue cross on red is British Forces in France, 1st one 2nd row is Anti Aircraft Command, thistle badges is 3rd Anti Aircraft Division

Alex Rice 04-05-21 10:53 AM

Thanks Gary!

mike_vee 04-05-21 11:09 AM

Bottom row middle :

Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal

Bottom row first badge :



Bill A 04-05-21 01:09 PM

Top row, right hand patch is the First Canadian Army, Second WW.

54Bty 04-05-21 01:35 PM

1. = 165 HAA Regt RA (TA).
2. = 2 SL Regt RA. red at 2 o'clock.


Alex Rice 04-05-21 02:52 PM

Fantastic, thanks guys!

gary1666 04-05-21 03:19 PM

Is the yellow lion Scottish Command headquarters?

mike_vee 04-05-21 03:49 PM


Originally Posted by gary1666 (Post 548104)
Is the yellow lion Scottish Command headquarters?

Shown here :


Alex Rice 05-05-21 05:35 AM

Excellent, thanks again.

Home Guard 05-05-21 04:19 PM

middle row first is Royal Artillery Anti-Aircraft. Looks to be the second version which is a brighter red background than the first version.


cbuehler 06-05-21 12:45 AM

From top left, the second tartan is Cameron Highlanders and the ninth is HLI, worn in lieu of lettered shoulder titles in WW2 and for some time after.


Alex Rice 06-05-21 06:50 AM

Hi Terry & CB
Fantastic, thanks!

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