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RoyA 26-04-21 09:24 PM

AFPU Help Please
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Hello gents,

May I please ask for your thoughts on this example?
I think it may be WW2 vintage but there are so may fakes out there I want to be certain.

Thank you very much for any help you can provide.


popskipa 27-04-21 07:06 AM


The badge looks fine to me.

Please send me a pm if for sale.


RoyA 29-04-21 08:16 PM

Thank you Keith

Luc 02-05-21 08:26 PM

A fine and scarce original badge Roy!

RoyA 02-05-21 09:41 PM

Thank you Luc!
Scarce indeed; I've been looking for an original for many years.

Luc 08-05-21 08:14 PM

I sincerely hope you do not consider buying the 55.00 "original" AFPU badge on Ebay.

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