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dumdum 14-03-21 06:34 AM

Incorporated Soldiers and Sailors Help Society
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Interested in what members can add about this association. I have found some information and it would appear to do "what it says on the tin" but still keen to know more.

The badge itself shows some unusual features in that it is "hollow backed" (much like a standard cap badge) and has a lot of detail in the enameling. One aspect that made me smile is that the portrait of the soldier appears to be sporting a monocle!

dumdum 14-03-21 09:55 AM

Of course I think that the "monocle look" is just from the way the enamel has fired otherwise it would be The Incorporated Officers and Sailors Help Society or T.I.O.S.H.S........:rolleyes:

Amy 06-05-21 01:11 PM

It's a lovely badge. Lets hope that many people who so desperately needed help received it due to the hard work of this society. Thank you for sharing it.

Home Guard 06-05-21 02:37 PM

I agree, a very nice badge!!!


dumdum 07-05-21 05:42 AM

Hi Amy and Terry

Thanks for your reply. I've found a certificate for this group on eBay but it's a lot of dosh for a piece of cardboard! Mind you. they've been trying to flog it for some months now....:rolleyes:

I think that they fit in to what passed for welfare for members of the armed forces.

The badge uses a very unusual form of construction (for a lapel badge) with its hollow backed effect and then Fenwick's maker's mark in raised letters. A rather elaborate way to make this type of badge from what I've seen of similar items.

Mike, you always seem to have the gen on this area. Any clues?

mike_vee 07-05-21 08:48 AM

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Originally Posted by dumdum (Post 548429)
Mike, you always seem to have the gen on this area. Any clues?

Must have missed this one , first guess would have been one of the many post WW1 organisations set up to help veterans but .......

....... I had a look at the certificate and noticed the date 1902. :eek:

A bit more digging produced this :


The Incorporated Soldiers, Sailors & Airmen Help Society (ISSAHS) was a chartiable organisation originally formed 1899 to provide assistance to former and existing British Armed Forces members in need.

The ISSAHS changed its name to the Forces Help Society in 1948 who in turn amalgamated with the SSAFA in 1997 to form the SSAFA Forces Help. Prior to 1997, the SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors & Airmen Families Association) were a different charity organisation.
Photo is pre 1948 badge (Thomas Fattorini Ltd. Regent St, Birmingham) , as Fattorini moved into their purpose built factory in 1928 I would assume your Fenwick's one is an earlier design.

Will do a bit more digging. :)


mike_vee 07-05-21 09:32 AM

Arthur Fenwick & Company Ltd


Arthur Fenwick & Company Ltd, Goldsmiths of Birmingham was established in 1888 as a manufacturer of both full size and miniature medals, Orders of Chivalry, Masonic jewels and civic regalia. In addition to manufacturing the 'On War Service 1914' badge was commissioned by the government to provide the 1914-15 Star, the British War and Victory Medals.

The British Medical Journal republished some letters that were originally from the "JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPs." (1st September 1937) , one of these was seeking donations for the ISASHS :


SIR,-Every year it is the privilege of some senior sailor or soldier to
ask for the continued support of the public for the Soldiers and Sailors
Help Society with which is incorporated the Lord Roberts Memorial
, that admirable institution for disabled ex-Service men.


mike_vee 07-05-21 09:52 AM

ISASHS appears to have had numerous 'regional' branches , have found a couple of WW1 Flag Day Fundraising Pin Badges.

Middlesex Branch

Sheffield Branch


dumdum 07-05-21 10:57 AM

Hi Mike

I always am extremely grateful to you for your prompt, concise answers.:) I think that "The Politics of Influence" by Wooton that we've discussed before was my first encounter with this group.

I've seen the other badge and have one put away somewhere but had not seen this more elaborate effort.

Fenwick produced the relatively common (still!) South African War Vets badge and the DCM League to name but two of many, many designs they would have done.

Thanks again!

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