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High Wood 09-03-20 02:22 PM

Montgomeryshire Yeomanry
Not sure what to make of this article from the local paper. Is it a good price?

It seems to be a fairly slow news week locally as it has made a second local paper.

Luke H 09-03-20 02:59 PM

Here it is on eBay

This one has been on eBay for years. The helmet looks like a car ran over it.

High Wood 09-03-20 03:28 PM

He certainly seems to be advertising it. I cannot but help thinking about the poor bloke who sold it to him if he reads the local paper.

41st 10-03-20 12:51 PM

Vastly overpriced for a Trooper's example. These come up on a fairly regular basis with the going rate somewhere around 750 - 900 depending on the interest on the day. I have seen one or two go for less.

Peter Brydon 10-03-20 02:46 PM

Someone trying to publicise their shop by getting the local paper to write a piece about it.


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