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cefguy 17-01-20 09:53 PM

Coating on A Sterling cap badge
Is there a way (short of sand blasting) to remove what looks like a lacquer coating on a sterling silver cap badge. I have gently washed it with a soft brush, but of course that just highlights the spots where the coating has worn off. Are there any success stories out there?
Thank you

Luke H 17-01-20 10:34 PM

A solvent like nail polish remover or meths. Alternatively you could dip it in said solvent and light it to ‘burn it off’ however I’ve recently been warned by a man in the know that ‘burning it on’ is equally possible. That said the couple of times I’ve tried it it’s worked so I suppose it depends what the lacquer is. If the badge has a frosted silver finish I wouldn’t attempt the latter method. Also a silver dip such as Goddards may work.

altcar73 18-01-20 09:55 AM

I've removed such coatings in two ways. Firstly, by submerging the badge in very hot water and leaving it there for several minutes. You may need to repeat several times using a fairly stiff brush after each occasion. The coating will peel with the heat and will flake off. Another way is to use steam to achieve the same result. Holding the badge with pliers in the steam of a boiling kettle is a practical way of doing it.


cefguy 18-01-20 10:15 AM

Thank you for sharing the experience. I will have to research the Goddards product. They are such nice looking badges when the silver is left alone.

cefguy 18-01-20 10:17 AM

More good ideas. Thank you for the post.

cefguy 19-01-20 04:41 AM

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Dave and Luke
I ended up using Dave's suggestion of the hot water this morning. It was tentative at first in heating up the pot of water and then immersing the badge. Dave's point about it might take a longer time in the water proved to be true. The lacquer came off in stages, but it did come off. It took a rough and patchy looking badge to a nice looking silver badge. In the end I boiled a pot of water and shut down the heat source and then immersed the badge in it. After at least 15 minutes I took it out and brushed it with a tooth brush. I repeated and slowly the lacquer came of. I just wanted to thank you fellows for offering up your experience.

altcar73 19-01-20 09:51 AM

Glad it worked. Far better than using any sort of chemical.


manchesters 19-01-20 10:19 AM

A very attractive badge.


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