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Faugh-A-Ballagh 19-11-14 12:07 PM

Rare photos of 14th Battalion Roysl Irish Rifles
Apologies to anyone from outside the UK who cannot access the BBC iPlayer , but here is a fantastic programme about a collection of recently unearthed photographs in the Ulster Museum which belonged to a gentleman called George Hackney who served in the 14 th (Young Citizens) Battalion of the Royal a Irish a Rifles in WW1. There are lots of absolutely unique battlefield photographs shown, and lots of good insignia shots for those interested.
I would imagine that these will become much more widely known over the next while. I believe that they will be part of a forthcoming exhibition at the museum. I wouldn't be surprised if they get published in book form.

I have tried pasting the link unsuccessfully, but if you search the title, The man who shot the Great War, hopefully it will bring it up.


JerryBB 19-11-14 12:11 PM

I know there is at least one other thread on this possibly a second.

I have yet to see if ity can be watched on Iplayer in the rest of the UK.

Empire collector 19-11-14 04:23 PM

14th YCV
For those of us who haven't got iplayer & would like to see some of the photos, try this

Note the YCV metal shoulder title of the Sgt in the trenches & the cap badge of the guy washing the other's back.


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