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davec2 04-10-14 08:20 PM

Time to resurrect an old favourite of mine, visitors !

I have just said cheerio to Faugh-A-Ballagh who had popped in for a cuppa after taking part in the great ' Ride To The Wall ' held at the National Memorial Arboretum which is just up the road from me, magnificent bike by the way John.

What a smashing man, so pleasant and so easy to talk to, the time he was here passed so quickly, thanks for calling in John, another face to a name and another lovely friend, a positive side effect of belonging to the forum.

Safe ride home Sir.


Eddie Parks 05-10-14 09:27 AM

Glad he made it - looking forward to his pictures!

Faugh-A-Ballagh 05-10-14 08:37 PM

Cheers Dave,
Great to meet you and Mrs C. Thanks for your hospitality and making me very envious with your superb collection.
I might have to start dabbling a bit more regularly!

Had a great time Eddie. Thoroughly enjoyed it!


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