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Faugh-A-Ballagh 08-12-12 02:49 PM

Royal Scots Fusiliers - Embroidered picture
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Here's an interesting item which a friend of mine showed me last week, and I thought it was worth showing on the forum.
It was found in the roofspace of a derelict house that his brother was renovating in Holywood County Down. Not far from Palace Barracks. I would say it was pre WW1 as the last battle honour on it is for South Africa, or maybe during WW1 as the battle honours would have been added on later?
It is in superb condition, if a little dusty. The frame is plaster with remarkably little damage. Would anyone even be prepared to hazard a guess at it's value?


Faugh-A-Ballagh 19-12-12 11:59 AM

47 views and no comments? And there was me thinking it was quite an interesting piece. Oh well, I must have fallen out of favour.


Phil2M 19-12-12 12:09 PM

I wish I could find things like that in the loft!! Nothing but squirrels and junk in mine :(

No idea of value for your picture, sorry.



ebro 19-12-12 02:25 PM

I did find that an interesting piece, and hoped that that thread would throw some light on it.
But as it was a valuation you wanted and I could not even guess at it, I didn't reply.
I look forward to those with more information adding their input.

Faugh-A-Ballagh 19-12-12 05:58 PM

I suppose asking about value probably wasn't such a great idea, and as it's not actually mine, it's not really an issue for me.
What I found amazing was the condition it was still in. Apart from a coating of grime and dust on the glass, the embroidery itself is in superb nick. No fading or staining.
Would anyone be in agreement with me about it's age? When would the WW1 battle honours have been added to the regent all colours?


Toby Purcell 19-12-12 06:26 PM

Only the 2nd Battalion of the RSF were ever based in the North of Ireland, although both spent periods in barracks in the South. The 2nd Battalion moved from Dublin to Londonderry in 1910 and stayed until 1912. Perhaps one of the soldiers married a Belfast girl.

Faugh-A-Ballagh 19-12-12 06:30 PM

Thanks Toby, that is very interesting. it is probably a coincidence that it turned up near the barracks, I'm sure there could be a million possibilities why it ended up where it did.
Thanks for the replies so far.


grey_green_acorn 19-12-12 06:56 PM

Regimental Colours
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John, does not answer your question but here are examples of pre WW1 Regimental Colours of some Irish Regiments on cigarette "silks". Unfortunately I do not have a Royal Scots Fusiliers or a Royal Irish Fusiliers!


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