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Phill Lockett 10-10-18 07:00 AM

WWII RAF Eagles information
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Hi Friends

Please educate me on these eagles (geese?).

I have searched the forum, google but can't locate descent information.

There is some info ie RAF other ranks cloth title/formation sign?

All I know is they are WWII (pattern 1936?Bolanger) except the Blue NZ national title which I believe is post WWII 60'S-70's(?)

Red is Pacific theatre....

The NZ title and eagle on black felt looks cut down and might not be the correct match.

If you can advise the official identification to when where worn etc would be appreciated.



dragon166 10-10-18 10:22 AM

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The top pair are standard Shoulder Eagles worn on No 1 Uniform and on battledress from approx 1950 - 1972. The red versions were both wartime issues and worn on khaki drill uniforms (tropical).
The blue NZ is as you say a much later version of title but I do not know dates of use.
The black background items are, as you said, cut down and are not a match. That pattern of eagle I have only seen used by New Zealand. The New Zealand title looks to ba a cut down standard pattern where the two items (title and eagle are all on one patch, as per the example attached.

Phill Lockett 10-10-18 04:31 PM

Thank you dragon 166.

What is the official designation of the eagles and are they only used by OR's?

Are they RAF formation signs or cloth shoulder titles?

Were WWII eagles rounded at the top and post war boxed?

I had seen the black NZ version that you have shown but the one I have is a different variation, there is another one facing the opposite way again cut down.

All eagles are about approx 2 gbp each.

I want to document all my cloth insignia as accurately as possible.



dragon166 10-10-18 05:48 PM

The shoulder eagle is not a formation sign. It was worn by all RAF Airmen but not by Officers. Only the very early (1918) eagles had round corners at the top. Throughout the rest of their life they have always been rectangular. However those used by commonwealth air forces were rounded at the top if they also contained the country identifier. All eagle badges were in "handed" pairs ie. one flying right and one flying left. They were worn so that the eagle faced rearwards. Australia was the exception with all eagles flying right.
During the war there were many variations worn by dominion countries according to where they were made which is why the one you have seen is different to the one I illustrated. See my album at for examples of different eagles.
The price of 2 is OK although you can get better versions than the items you have.
Hope this helps.

Phill Lockett 10-10-18 05:52 PM

Thanks Dave

Appreciate the information.

I looked under albums using RAF, Royal Air Force, will look into the album.



Phill Lockett 11-11-18 04:02 AM

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Hi friends

Here is an update to my collection.

Below are my WWII NZ enlisted shoulder titles and I picked up the opposite facing eagle, matching pair.

I cannot find any info on the paper backed eagles and if they are for NZers.

I did find an image that I think could be a black background however it might be due to the image properties and could be a dark blue background?

All opinions welcomed.



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