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Mail from UK to Australia

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    Mail from UK to Australia

    Hey Guys,

    I got a package in the post today (Sydney, AU) that was posted last week from the UK. A pretty quick delivery yet another package I got today was also from the UK yet was posted in November (and presumed lost).

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced such inconsistent delivery times between UK and Australia?

    The 6 months one isn't a record for me - it once took 9 months for a package to arrive from the UK via airmail.

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    Yes, I have had a lot of inconsistency over the past few months. Two badges appear to have gone missing (I am hoping they will surface some time), one badge was here in 7 days and the rest have taken 14 days.


      purchased a badge from South Africa last august.
      presumed it was lost.
      arrived last week. 10months late


        Hi Mick

        Not just Sydney - UK. I have previously posted 2 packets from France to the UK on the same day one took 3 days, and other took 5 weeks....

        Not sure where these items spend their time.

        Cheers, Tim


          Donít really know how long postage takes to Australia but I have been waiting for one package to travel from one side of England to the far I have been waiting 4 weeks. Could have walked there and back several times. In fact I wish I had walked there to collect it in person.
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            My mail ex UK usually takes 1 to 2 weeks but most goes to a PO box and I usually only clear that on a Thursday. I have had 2 small packages opened by Aussie customs and also biodiversity, I don't know what their interest in metal badges might be, but I got a sword through in a big shipping tube without any inspection, so don't ask me.




              Hi guys,

              I got a small package with 2 books in it posted in UK on 25th May and it dropped on my doorstep this morning Friday 7th June. Not bad I'd say.

              Regards Phil.


                Mail Malta-UK and vice - versa pretty good. normally 4/5 days. Same with other European countries. With Australia usually a couple of weeks but mail always arrives




                  I sent the 2 books to Lancer 17. I was told by owner of post office it would take a minimum of 6 weeks and they got there in less than 2 ! I think sometimes items going by boat or other means go by air just to fill the aircraft to make it more economical ie fill up the aircraft. Just pot luck..



                    Sometimes the mail is quicker from overseas than receiving it from someone here.
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