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Helmets of the Home Front - New Book

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  • Helmets of the Home Front - New Book

    OK, so technically this isn't an Independent Review because we wrote the bloomin' thing .....but it IS good :-)

    It is a BIG book with 362 full colour pages and includes over 1,000 different helmet markings so please don’t expect one-helmet-per-page! The aim of the book is to provide an introduction to the myriad of markings (lettering and “ranks”) applied to the helmets of the brave civilians who went about their business during the intense attacks on Britain during the war years. It has sections on the helmets themselves, including the “Zuckerman” and commercial variants as well as attachments such Gas Curtains, lamps and carriers. However the main focus is the markings applied, the rules which governed them and the changes they went through as the war progressed. It includes colour photographs of many previously unseen examples as well as period photographs. The markings are covered on a per-Service basis including:-

    Fire (AFS, NFS, Guards, Watchers and Parties)
    Industrial ARP
    Police (inc. Observer Corps)
    Health related Services (Medical Officer of Health, Casualty Services, FAP, Ambulance, SP, Hospitals and supporting voluntary services)
    Gas and Decontamination Services
    Repair Service
    Headquarters and Control (inc. Regional Column, Mutual Support, Transport, ARP etc.)
    Incident management & Messenger Service
    Rescue Service

    Many collectors (some of whom are here too) kindly provided access to their extensive collections and photographs to make this the first book on this hitherto under-documented topic in the book world.

    As it’s a self-published work it’s unlikely to make it to the shelves of the major book sellers but PM please if you want more info – the Retail Price is £65.

    Finally, we have to thank "Postwarden" especially, for his advice and assistance
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