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TA Leicester's.

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    TA Leicester's.

    This badge has no sweat holes, but is of some weight.All opinions welcomed.Regards Phil.
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    I'd say it looks good, just based on the strike mark on the slider.



      I think it is good as well!



        Territorial Leicesters

        I'm not convined on this one! From the front it looks fairly good. However the slider is wrong IMO, the crimp mark is a feint example typically found on repros to make them look a little more "Authentic". The slider should be longer, fitted to the center of the Tiger's belly and not be so uniform in shape. Furthermore the lack of reverse detail, in particular to the rear of the base scroll does not bode well, although this could be down to maker variations I would not tag it as Genuine if I were selling it!

        I've attached a Genuine example, don't be put off by the brightness as it is in Mint un-issued condition and a flash has been used when taking the photo.

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          Leicesters TA Badge

          Hi Phil

          Although I’ve only been collecting for a couple of years now, and so am certainly not as experienced as numerous other Forum members, I have to say that I personally currently consider the badge you have to be a reproduction. When I first started collecting Leicesters badges I bought one of this same manufacturer’s design, albeit an all-brass/gilding metal version (see here), and even though this very same design does appear in Cox's Military Badges of the British Empire 1914-18 (see this posting), I was advised that mine was a modern repro. Since then I have acquired a few of the exact same maker’s design, including a bi-metal one like yours, but I still, at present, regard them all as reproductions. I remember you did post up some images of a rather nice genuine bi-metal Leicesters TA badge you have, which had been converted into a sweet heart brooch, here and here. Although the design of your latest one is similar to that one, you should be able to see that they are not, in fact, by the same maker. Until I’m convinced otherwise I’m afraid my personal opinion of the one you now have would be that it’s a repro.



          P.S. In the same thread as the various posting I’ve mentioned above, nottuh13 put up some images of some Leicesters badges he had including two of the same design as yours but one of which did have sweat holes! I personally suspect this might not be as it first seems, and that the holes could have been added afterwards – though I have yet to get hold of an example myself to examine things in detail!!
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          From Hindoostan, Gibraltar and Almanza; to Dunblane, Alma and Brandywine: Tigers, Steelbacks, Dutch Guards, Leather Hats, Nanny Goats and Red Feathers!
          Interested in style and variation of post-1893 regimental cap badges for the Leicesters, the Northamptons, the Warwicks, the K.L.R., the R.W.F. and the D.C.L.I.

          “Scutelliphiliacus in vestri insignia pergaudete”


            Thank you very much gentlemen, i will sell as a copy. Regards Phil.