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    Hello Everyone, my name is Keith and I am an Addict! Yes I have an Addiction! Yes my addiction is Collecting. After a 24 year career in the Cdn Forces as a Military Police Cpl, Sgt and then Commissioned Officer and a further long career in the same professional field afterwards, I'm now semi retired. It seems like I've been collecting forever. I can even remember collecting marbles or alleys as we called them when I was in Grade School. So my Addiction started early.
    So joining the Military at a young age provided me with a great setting to feed my Addiction. Travelling the world , 4 years in Germany, two United Nations tours and travels all over Canada gave me a forum to feed that Addiction.
    Every one of here knows what I'm talking about I'm sure. Yes travelled hundreds of Km's and miles too, on the off chance that I could get that one elusive badge that I needed. And then turning around days later going the distance to maybe get that other badge that I now wanted.
    But I'm not admitting this to get cured or to stop. No I will continue because I've met many many Addicts the same as me over the years and I cherish the friends I have made through collecting. As I get on in later years now there is one nagging thought and heard this from many other Collectors. What is going to happen to my collection when I'm gone. What will THEY do with it? Give it away, sell it, donate it to some thrift store, or hopefully value it like I do. Nurse it, babysit it, feed it or most of all Love It like I did through the years. I have warned those close to me that I would haunt them forever if they were to mishandle or disrespect the contents of my years of collecting after I'm gone.
    Having told you all about my ADDICTION, did it help? No I'm still Collecting and still Loving every minute of the Chase.
    This is a great forum and I have found so far that there are many many members more than willing to help any newbies. That's important because those new to our Addiction need that support. Hope everyone maybe had a snicker with some of the things I've said here.

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    Hello Keith, welcome to the Forum. Your account is active and open for posts.
    Res ipsa loquitur


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      Welcome Keith!
      🍁We Remember.🍁


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        Welcome to the Forum Kieth, think you have fairly summarised everyone on here! Enjoy, billy
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          Welcome Keith, To help with your Addiction you now need to put your collection into albums and add them to the forum so that we may help you




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            Hi Keith,

            As Jerry says, put some albums up and share your collection(s).

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