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      Simon Butterworth

      Manchester Regiment Collector
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        Originally posted by manchesters View Post
        Like Paul says, and here is my conclusion.

        Jack Dutton Roberts is banned and has lost his user rights to ask questions on here.

        so, he needs another way to ask questions about things he wants to sell on ebay or his website and that way is to use another members account ie YOURS.

        Why you? Probably because you are his friend, relative, or even his father perhaps?

        In fact you may even be Jack Dutton Roberts himself!!!
        Good heavens man ..... have you nothing better to do than this ? No one is using my BBF account to ask questions other than me . I find your attitude quite bizarre , can we not get on with our mutual interest in insignia ? I have no idea who you are but if you have nothing positive to say , why not just get on with your own life and stop badgering me ? I have not done anything to justify your reaction to me. In fact I consider myself a model forumite , if I have nothing helpful to say , I keep quiet ! Good advice.


          Originally posted by Luke H View Post
          Very similar drum seems to be for sale on . Very similar hardwood floor too it appears... ?
          Yes I agree, it is a very similar hard wood floor !!

          Regards Phil.