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ID of regiment from FS Cap and partial badge

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  • ID of regiment from FS Cap and partial badge

    Dear All,

    Please can anyone tell me what uniform this chap is wearing?

    He is Maj. Anthony 'Andy' Robert Whately-Smith and served as follows:

    1940 - Dorset Regt.
    At some point - General Staff Officer (GSO3)
    1944 - Briefly, Parachute Regiment
    1944 - 2nd SAS

    I believe his headgear is known as a field service cap. There is a smidge of badge showing. Is it possibly the Army Air Corps, which I think was the umbrella organisation housing the Paras and the SAS for a period during WW2?

    Any help gratefully received.

    With best wishes,

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    Looks like Dorset's.


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      Originally posted by leigh kitchen View Post
      Looks like Dorset's.
      I agree
      Simon Butterworth

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        Hi Tom
        I would say either the Yorks & Lancs or the Hampshires?


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          I'm working off the options given in the first post - could be anyone of a number of regiments if the options are extended from the three mentioned.
          The side cap shades it Dorsets I think, as far as |I can make out, but then they'd presumably fit other regiments.
          A better quality shot of the buttons may help.


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            This picture from a wartime book on FS caps gives the colours of the Dorsets FS cap which seem to fit the shades shown in the photo, as the area just above the dark curtain is a lighter shade.

            I'd go for Dorsets

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              I would also say Dorset's, also because both the Parachute Regiment & SAS wore the Maroon Beret
              Sua Tela Tonanti


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                Thank you very much, Leigh, Neil, Simon (once again), Jon and Mike.

                Yes, I think you are right to constrain your answers to the possible regiments given. The only other possibility would have been 164th OCTU.

                Jon - thank you for your excellent insights regarding the colouring of the FS cap by regiment.

                Dorsets it is!