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Korean War Veterans Association Badge

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    Korean War Veterans Association Badge

    Hello Everyone

    I was wondering if anyone has come across an association badge like this before. I believe it may have come out of Australia but i can't be certain. I haven't been able to track down an association by the same name online and am running out of avenues to pursue. The badge is numbered 188 on the back so there may also possibly be a roll somewhere with the recipients details.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Chris

    That shape is very similar to the shield shape used on the Australian RSL (Returned Services League) and the "year clasp" is just like the ones on the RSL badge.

    From memory, the RSL chose the shield as it was said to "protect the wearer". An Australian member might be able to correct this or back it up.

    Your badge appears to have the split pins that many Australian association badges have. These can be two "loops" such as is found on most cap/ collar badges or (for later badges) a curious double loop punched out of a piece of material. It was clearly less prone to breakage.

    You may also find a mark such as "STOKES & SONS" or "SWANN & HUDSON" but not all badges were maker marked.

    Those coloured squares, etc. will be unit patches, I would think.

    Hope this helps. I have the Vietnam Vets badge put away somewhere!

    I don't think that you will be able to identify the owner as the association would have held the records.


      Hi again

      Sorry, I just got the idea behind those coloured diamonds: they look like unit patches but are supposed to represent, Navy (blue) Army (red) and Air Force (light blue, aka "the blue orchids")!


        Hi Chris

        I have never seen a badge like it, but a photo of the back might help.

        Rather than the name Swan & Hudson I'd suggest KG Luke they made rising sun badges in WW 1 & 2 although I do have a later dated RSL badge by Swan & Hudson.

        Regards Phil.