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    A sad day for the Royal Canadian Navy

    HMCS Preserver: reliable workhorse retires from frontlines of history
    The big ship’s motto is, “Heart of the Fleet.”

    Built in New Brunswick by the Saint John Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. and commissioned in July 1970, the venerable tanker is a floating grocery store, gas station, repair shop and helicopter hangar.

    “It provides one-stop shopping,”
    Aside from food, fuels and other basic supplies, Preserver also carried ammunition, two landing craft, a dentist, doctor, specialized repair teams and a small hospital with four beds and two operating rooms. It was even equipped to process garbage from other ships.

    Some sailors had a nickname for the 21,000-tonne ship: Atlantic Superstore, after a regional grocery chain.

    And even though the ship usually played a supporting role, it often near the front lines of key global events.

    HMCS Preserver fun facts:

    Ship’s company: about 270
    Displacement: 21,000 tonnes
    Maximum speed: 20 knots
    Built by: Saint John Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. Ltd
    Commissioned: July 30, 1970
    Hangar: room for three helicopters
    Fuel: can transfer 1,300 tonnes of fuel an hour while travelling at 12 knots
    Role: auxiliary oiler replenishment ship
    Length: 171.9 metres
    Width 23.2 metres
    Propulsion: steam turbines
    Range: 6,600 kilometres
    Initial cost: $30 million Collision at sea while refueling
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    I was at Dockyard all this past week and had seen the preparations for the ceremony as well many other ships and activity. They even towed a submarine by!

    Seriously tho, It is a very busy place. All sorts of clothing rigs in the Messes too. What I initially thought were air force types were sub crewmembers.

    Patino was tied up there.

    Anyways....good on ya, Preserver.

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    "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"