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    Eight hours to go and up to CAD$405.00... Let's see how and where it ends up.
    Maritime Military Collectors Society


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      I went back and asked for indications on where my website was "inconsistent and incorrect", preferably backed up by primary source references since he seems to distrust information on the web. He wouldn't address that....

      I should not have even bothered.... he obviously doesn't agree with us ("I asked my father and he said I was right."). All I got from it was being reported to eBay for harassment as he found my "bullying tactics offensive".

      Oh well.


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        Profits triumph ethics.
        The question here is one of relevance. If the evidence fits the story, it is valid. If it doesn't, it is ignored, dismissed or trivialized.
        There was quite a debate about a 51st Soo badge being a CEF badge on some other Forum. Despite explanations fully supported by documented evidence, some continued to believe the 51st served in the CEF. We had a similar go over a Chaudiere helmet.
        To paraphrase the X-files (ehhhhh) the truth is out there, only if you want to believe it.
        Res ipsa loquitur


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          The winning bid was $416.14.

          As an aside, if anyone has a _real_ officers CSC badge for sale, I surprisingly still need one. I can offer cash and trades.....


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            CSC Officer Badge

            Joe!! You do not need one - - - I do!!!!!!
            Larry Will


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              CSC badge

              Larry and Joe.

              Neither of you need one as much as me !!!!!!!!!!!

              Chris Walker


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                If it's any consolation, I don't need one at all. You guys can have mine. Oh, wait, I don't have one.
                David S.
                The fog of war should not extend into writing about war.


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                  Another one!

                  Another crazy auction! $400US for a CSC sweetheart:

                  At this rate, it's time I become a seller!


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                    CSC Sweetheart Pin

                    Dear Joe.

                    At least this seller who is asking $400 plus is actually saying it is a Sweetheart Pin.

                    But I think off the back of the original problem seller of this Thread this new badge is going to make a killing at that price.

                    Start to sell your collection Joe !!!!

                    Kind regards

                    Chris Walker


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                      To be fair to the seller, the start price was $24.99. The bidding has taken it to the stratosphere.

                      PS: just checked both listings and the same two guys are in a pissing match for this one as were for the last one.
                      David S.
                      The fog of war should not extend into writing about war.


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                        Agreed David. I perhaps incorrectly hijacked this thread since the same type of badge was up for auction...

                        I agree completely that this seller described his badge correctly and in that case doesn't have the issues we had with the first seller. And yes, I too noticed it was the same two bidders who will apparently spend that kind of money for the badges.