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Help with RPC officers cap badge

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  • Help with RPC officers cap badge

    Hi folks

    I just up loaded an album of RPC bits and pieces but I was unsure of what size cap badge officers wore between 1953-1987.

    I have a silvered collar badge with lugs north and south, but what difference would there be for the cap badge?

    Might the only difference be that the lugs were longer on the cap badges than the collar badges?

    Also has anyone seen a Silvered pre 1953 Officers cap badge? Were they full size or again collar size?

    Cheers Sean

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    I have a RPC officer's forage cap with the 40mm high St Edwards Crown silver cap badge with n/s lugs fitted.
    Presumably it has long lugs.
    It has no holes for any other badge, it's a Herbert & Johnston with anod. al. buttons and leather chinstrap, I'm not able (yet) to make out which monarch or late monarch it's marked " By Appointment" to.
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      Thanks for that Leigh that's helpful I suspect that what I have is a collar dog, with shorter lugs.