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Makers mark pre 1967 TA Battalions

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  • Makers mark pre 1967 TA Battalions

    Hi, having read several previous posts on the subject I would like to ask a question before I go in search of the correct (Anodised Aluminium) badges.

    What makers mark would you expect to find on the slider of the following pre 1967 TA battalions?
    4th Devons, 4th Dorsets, 4th Wiltshires, 5th Gloucesters, 4th/5th Royal Hampshires and 4th/6th Royal Berkshires?

    Also would the 4th Wiltshires have worn a maroon square badge backing on their berets at this time?
    Many thanks Neil

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    For those dates and units I would expect to see Gaunt London or Firmin. It would depend on the badge. Chris Marsh's book will give you the definitive answer for most.

    The Glosters and Hampshire were worn post 68 so you see that one with Gaunt Bham. It's impossible to say whether it was a TA badge from pre 68 or a post 69 Regular one with that mark.


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      Thanks Alan